Sports Day

I didn’t expect myself to ended up going for a sports event over here in Korea. The venue was all the way at Busan National University, which is like 30 minutes bus ride from our school.

“Silla University Foreign Students Association”
I wasn’t well enough to participate any one of them anyway. So, I was doing literally nothing under the big hot sun for a few hours and I am “red” right now. Felt like a walking corpse waking up at 7.30am on a Sunday morning. Not to mention the only breakfast that we got on the bus was choco pie, a small piece of cake and a box of milk.
Busan National University is separated into 7 sections and labelled with rainbow colour. Guess what? The venue is at the end of the campus, the biggest purple box on the picture. 

I didn’t bring and umbrella nor a cap. FML.
Well, I didn’t expect it to be this sunny and this hot, so I was baked under the sunlight for the rest of the games. The games are very different from the usual sports day, this sports event had snooker under one of the competition, of course with the other normal typical games like basketball, soccer and table tennis. The running event is not the usual 800m run, but 3000m run. Talk about extreme endurance.
When all participants went to gather at the center of the field, basically nothing much left over here.

There was probably only 15 of us from various university around Busan as viewers.

Some of us. Oh, it’s the Silla University FSA T-shirt anyway, damn friggin’ ugly.

Lunch time when things are suppose to be better did not turn out to be the way I was expecting it to be. Walked down the hill and make several turns and we reached the huge canteen. I thought I am going to enjoy the lunch, apparently it had to be a complete-my-disaster set of the day.

I swear, this meat is sweet.

And so, after that, hanged out at the torturous place for a couple more hours and off I went back to dormitory  to give my partially disabled leg a break.

P/S: I’m not going to post the rest of the random pictures I took, I would probably ended up being murdered.


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