The hardest thing to do is to write about yourself.

When you stop and reflect on what are you essentially, you can’t help but hesitate. Being yourself is easy, trying to define who you are and how you are different from the rest I have to admit, is pretty tricky.

It became unacceptable to not know who you are, allowing yourself to drift along the social conventions. Dissolving into the norm, merging with the common. We are always in a constant tension between autonomy and the sense of belonging. What are you actually but a mould experiencing individuality through the construction of language and people around you. Having them giving substance to your existence among billions of other people.

I am Jun Haw, or you can call me Shawn, despite how much I would want to avoid that simple alternative for those who are unable to pronounce my name correctly. I am born in 1990, the year of Horse on April 1st, thus rendered me as Aries. Not that it matters significantly, just thought it would look nice in the sentence. I am capable in conversing in Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Korean with a minimum exposure on Hokkien and Japanese. I personally like languages, but they are too expensive to invest on here in Malaysia.

I enjoy technologies as much as the thrill I get from travelling to a foreign land. If I am financially capable to achieve both that will be perfect. I have a weird preference of knowing things albeit my cognitive limitation does not allow me to remember most of them. That was just an excuse to justify my internet addiction. I appreciate artistic expression of all kinds, which is why I am studying a degree in advertising, regardless the practicality of the choice made.

I am torn between an introvert and extrovert, a mere mortal that is susceptive to the perception of stereotypes and perfections, because it makes life easier to be understood and provides a motivation to progress in life. I am not perfect, and I hold on to the existence of “face problem”, something that I wish I could research on. Still playing by the rules with an occasional  outburst of rebellion, I am like this. I can enlighten you as much as I hope you could do the same to me.

Subang Jaya is my turf, that I would want to leave for a long time in order to broaden my horizon. I believe life is about experience, not so much on the final destination. Logically speaking, it isn’t worth it if you only focus on the outcome. I am mesmerised by the beauty of Rome, the romance of Paris, the vibrance of Istanbul, the other side of LA, the scene of New Zealand (through the internet), but my tongue stayed true to the diversity of Malaysian food.

And the rest is left unwritten.


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