She was beaming with enlightenment when she saw that post on Facebook. She walked over to the couch that I was slouching on and showed me a picture. 

“The world’s saddest word is the word – almost.” I must say, I agree with the sentiment. But isn’t the word – saddest, by definition, the saddest word in the dictionary. The attached concept of near to completion of a desired outcome, yet failing to obtain them to the word – almost, is regrettable. However, this emotion is derived from the unwillingness to accept failures right before its completion. 

One may choose to accept the concept of fate and write off this experience as “it was meant to be,” and that would not render the concept of almost being the saddest among other contenders. The degree of emotional investment are also subjective to the scenario. If one is less invested in the objective in sight than the others, the subject may not feel sadness in the same intensity despite the reference being the same case for multiple subjects. 

And even if you are heavily invested emotionally into the appropriate manner, you may not only feel sadness throughout the experience of potential loss and imminent failure. If that’s the case, is it still the saddest word ever? 

She looked at me and had to agree with my argument. Too bad, she almost had it. 


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