Groceries are therapeutic.

Something about groceries.

The aisle between the two shelves of everyday items, keeps me on the ground. It reminds me to get real and take it slow. 

Maybe it’s the warm cozy feeling you get from the bread section: the distinct scent and the innate comfort you can only get  from carbohydrates. The versatility of flour as a reminder to be flexible dealing with problems and obstacles.

Or the personal care aisle to put superficial depiction of aesthetic on context. And kick me in the gut when I forgot what matters is actually on the inside. After all the ups and downs, you could always treat yourself to a long long bath. 

Probably something to do with the non-halal area. “Respect diversity”, it says, as the fridges filled with ham and sausages hum in the background. The wide array of international wines tell you that there’s always something for everybody here. Preferences are subjective, always be moderate about yours.

Perhaps it’s the fruits – colourful and healthy. Almost seems like a warning signs or a personal trainer screaming, “eat better” right next to my ears. But still, I adore them. Flavour and texture made life more exciting, right?

I like the condiment shelves too. Serves as a personal goal to always ignite senses and keep things in balance. Travel further and explore everything – and life will never have a dull moment, especially on conversations. 

Whenever my mood gets cloudy, or maybe rainy, a walk in a grocery store does wonders to me. And by the time I’m leaving, the cashiers will remind me to take care of my personal finance too.

On my way home, I will take a deep breath and get a cup of coffee. Well, just because. 


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