Mid-year Crisis

In a blink of an eye, it’s already July.

Time just flies by right in front of your eyes. Barely registering in your mind, as you buried under daily obligations and responsibilities. I had been doing fine I guess, trying to do the best I could mentally and physically. Would require more work on the financial aspect though, especially when I am departing for my one-month Europe trip during mid-October. I’m terrified, not for what may happen, but what may not happen due to my financial standing. That will be such a bummer and I probably wouldn’t forgive myself. Or, alternatively, I may consider going to Europe again – to see more places that I have opted to sacrifice this time around.

Three months to go, and I am nowhere ready. It’s time to put my plans down in paper and arrange transportation and accommodation. Set aside money that I would need and clothes that I would require.

At the moment, I will be visiting these countries:

UK > France > Belgium > Netherland > Germany > Czech > Hungary > Austria > Swizerland > Italy > Turkey > Dubai

I hope I don’t have to cut down too many countries for this time around, will look in-depth into the cities I would visit and plan for the transport with my limited budget.

Will update soon.


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