When you see the word “push”, was it meant to be an expectation or condition? Was it what the society expect you to do for the betterment of the masses? Or was it the condition set by the financially capable to dictate what you need to do to fit in?

So what if someone decided to pull? Was it right? Why must it be wrong? It wasn’t for whoever to dictate anyway. If yes, whose rules and regulations are adequate enough to encompass all value and belief under all plausible circumstances to determine that? Does it qualified to be judged and weighted under the so-called predetermined social paradigm? What does one little act of perceived rebellion as such worth in this societal system. Is it fair enough? Yet, it may be entirely subjective. If it was the case, could be listen and understand before throwing judgement and prejudice?

A cough followed by a hasty “Excuse me!”

Sometimes I wonder why I stand in front of the door thinking about things like these.


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