I must say, I am very gifted in terms of spending.

It’s only half way through the month, and I had burnt through my budget already. All I need to complete the disastrous equation was a birthday, a party and a chill out session. I am not quite sure whether inflation was the catalyst in the cause, but I am sure my appetite has to play a role in this. It’s really bothering me. The fact that I know the financial limitation has to be there to remind me that I have to manage money before it manage me. But, merely surviving costs money, networking costs money, soothing a tired soul costs money.

My expenditure may not be too sensible, but it wasn’t entirely ridiculous. It just felt like food could comfort me through the days and eating out surely did not help in this particular situation. I don’t like to feel constricted over spur of the moment, but those led me down the spiral of no return. I have to make myself do something about it. Saving money for emergency should be prioritised, no birthday presents should set me back by months of financial planning.

I promise to save RM500 per month, and I shall seek opportunities to realise the resolution through alternative approaches. In order to enjoy the delight of eating, I shall reconsider what I eat and where I choose to dine. Maybe some forms of compromise have to be done. To be honest, it sounded like a lot of work despite the necessities. Should consciously eat less and more sensibly. Through that i will abstain from incurring more debt on my parents. “Paying you back later,” is going to be a major no-no from now onwards. Rethink spending habits, stop impulsive purchases.

I will need to be responsible on that now.


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