This New Year

Time is like a ninja, sneaked up your back and hit you real hard on the head. The pain lingered longer than I expected. Ruthless, I must say. Time just slipped past between your fingers and before you realise it, the calendar will be constantly reminding you the harsh truth – it’s already end of the year. Oh, and one more thing, your time for your yearly resolutions is up.

I must confess that sometimes I am a bit too hard on myself. Despite the significant amount of productivity and progress, I still think I could do better. There are some occasions that I had veered off course, and there are times when I just don’t feel like moving at all. I came across an article on Lifehacker yesterday, it was suggesting that “laziness” itself is a vague term to describe perceived low productivity level. It may be one of the following reasons that may result in such perception:

  • Self-discipline: Packed schedule with low productivity may suggest willpower being the source of the problem.
  • Unrealistic expectations: Packed scheduled with high productivity may imply that you are too hard on yourself.
  • Motivation: Empty schedule or majority of the activities are leisure or sleeping, may demonstrate lack of motivation.

This year around, I was being truthful and blatantly honest with myself. I find that I was mostly half-half in all categories. Of most resolutions that I have set last year, I am pleased and pissed at the same time, mainly due to a 50% achievement rate. I read, a lot more this year. The joy from these new perspectives were absolutely delightful. A book for every month was achieved but I have to note that books are extremely expensive. And, I made sure that I try to reduce my cholesterol level by eating healthier, I am truly glad I have found a group of colleagues who are passionate on that course as well. Through the entire year, I have completed my internship, graduated with first-class honours and landed myself a first job as a junior copywriter in Naga DDB. For that, I am grateful.

However, I had not been as productive as I wished to be.

I wanted to exercise more. Granted, I started practising yoga and it was a beneficial decision. Through that, I found acknowledgement of my body – the good and the bad. I will continue to work on that. But, things get crazy sometimes and I will ended up incredibly lazy. Skipping this routine to the extent of weeks. That, I need to fix it as soon as possible. I wanted to save more money for my upcoming trip, and no, I didn’t manage to save any. Remember those downtime? A trip for caffeine fix will set me back by 10% towards the goal. And that too, I need to resolve immediately.

Meanwhile, I have yet to schedule a blood test too (and I promise I will do it by next week).

Hard revelations at the end of 2014. I have to promise myself that I will have to set better goals and review my financial status. Through the ups and downs, I realised that I have to set better concrete goals and I will make it simple this year. It will be only three goals: mind, body and soul. The mind will be ready to absorb new skills and knowledge, the body will strive to move more and grow stronger, the soul will then benefit from new experiences through a perseverance in a good saving habit.

I will exercise more, 60 minutes in a week to be precise, in manageable chunks in order to push it further and better. I will read a book every month and write more as well, which will be contributed in the form of blog post on both blogs that I am involved in: this and Kopiwriter, specifically one post every week with no excuse for being busy. I will save RM500 per month for the upcoming Europe trip that I will be embarking on this October, should there be difficulties, I promise to find other ways to achieve it.

Enough of me babbling and now it’s time to do it.

Here’s to a better 2015.


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