Good Morning, Sunshine.

I sometimes question my sanity when I put my alarm up at 8.30am. I know some people have to leave this warm and cozy shelter under a blanket way earlier than that, but morning isn’t really my thing. However, I acknowledge how much more productive I could be if I bite the bullet and leave the bed an hour earlier, every single morning.

A group of colleagues eventually embarked on a journey to healthier eating (and saving money) for lunch. Waking up earlier made me explore things that I have never thought I would. Like cooking, various forms of dishes from three basic ingredients: egg, bean curd and potato, which is also conveniently my top three favourite ingredients of all time. Or even 10-minute short yoga for flexibility.

Then, there are times where the days are rough, and sleep is comforting to the soul.

Sometimes, I hate myself for the love of bed above all. Should commit myself into a routine, a schedule where it will all be automated and naturalised in the system already. But, till then, I will continue in the quest to wake up an hour earlier.

The sunshine, the fresh air and the traffic jam. A cup of black coffee or Oolong tea shall soothe it all.


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