It is unusually hot on Sunday.

After a month of unpredictable rain, the sun decided that it is now an appropriate time to show up beyond the grey veil of the sky. It marched right through the sky and stood proudly in the middle of the stage, damn. While I enjoy the humid serenade in the yard, i clearly do not enjoy the ruthless spotlight casted over my head with a 3-hour timer at noon as it constantly pushes my hair to the edge of any possible fiery outcomes. Like a polar bear seeking asylum from the erratic tropical temperature, I resort to quaint, quiet cafes, with stable Wi-Fi and air-condition. An important survival tip for any poor souls blessed with hyperactive sweat glands that could do nothing but sweat profusely – an exquisite prime selection for mosquitoes with no need of pugnacious behaviours to enjoy, the large surface area was already presented in the nude like a buffet feast.

I like the pervasive languor in the atmosphere arising from the rain in which I will then indulge in pensive reverie while looking at the raindrops pelt relentlessly on the road and the unknowing pedestrians. People scurry along, seeking for a place to hide. I must say, I am not, in any way, sadistic in that manner. But, I appreciate unexpected rainfall as a harmless, temporary disruption to the daily routine, a break from the cycle and a recess to the everyday activities, much like a “pause button” on a video, before resuming into our respective obligations and errands. But, there is none of this today. The sun kept on imposing its vibrant energy on my exposed head and then I scurried along into a cafe.

I find myself falling in love with coffee, for the malleable essence of coffee bean that goes extremely well with milk, chocolate and basically anything sweet or (presumably) healthy to counter the bitterness of coffee. It’s a balancing act between ingredients, but the product is a delicate beverage that will bring excitement and wakefulness for the rest of the morning, making the day slightly more palatable than without.

“Flat white, please.” I am glad that they have that.

Perhaps, today might be productive.


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