Badminton Night

It was badminton night.

The shuttlecocks flew back and forth across the court. Sometimes I managed to return the shots, sometimes I can’t. The sound of the racquets smashing against the incoming projectile was surprisingly, yet delightfully liberating. When the shuttlecock diverted in mid-air and everything fell into chaos, some elated chortles echoed throughout the enclosed badminton court.

Messy hair soaked through and clung on the forehead, sweat made its way down the neck and drenched the t-shirt with redemptive joy. Occasionally, the shuttlecock hit the metal frame of the racquet with the metal clink, sending the shuttlecock to all the unexpected places – all the extreme high angles and unforeseen awkward directions. Sometimes, the shuttlecock barely scrapped across the net and our mouths left agape, surprised at the amazing turn of events.

Winning or losing was clearly not the concern here. The idea simply just does not apply, where the joy and fun is merely being together at this very moment.


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