Bringing a teapot to the office is definitely the best decision ever.

Might be overkill on the volume, I have to agree on that. But, sipping Oolong Tea in the middle of the afternoon is probably the luxury that I could afford, for that too many hours on the computer screen and the too many thoughts scattered everywhere, all in my head. When I feel like going English that fine morning, Earl Grey Tea is readily available as well, just an arm reach away. And I am sure that the shelf will be well equipped with herbal and floral tea in the near future. Watching the tea leaves dance, suspended in the water, is remarkably therapeutic to the mind. It seems like the time slows and your mind clear up for a moment. Inhaling the scent of the brewed tea, and sipping the hot tea down your throat, leaves lingering warmth that soothes the troubled mind. It might be an addiction, or it might be a sweet surrender, to the hectic timeline and the creeping deadlines. Before I plunge back into deep concentration mode.

I love tea, so be it.


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