I am torn between an extrovert and introvert but I am not to sure whether the fine line that discern what defines as each personality actually exist at the very first place. See, most of the times I enjoy the moments with people, chatting and sharing stories, which is essentially how the society interact with their respective members. But, there’s a limit to the energy reservoir as such. When the number of people exceeds three, it suddenly became very exhausting to be sustaining extended conversation – the words became stale and the thoughts became distracted.

I will slowly retreat back into my own world, up there, where the air is fresher and anything is possible (subjected to sound logic and feasible possibilities based on plausible assumptions). Social interactions have never been so exhausting before, but eventually all the additional attention necessary to sustain superficial conversation just drained me completely. It’s not that I don’t want to interact with you, but I ran out of juice for the day.

A moment of silence for the dead awkward conservations that I dropped out – out of survival instinct, I do apologise for that. And I am very well aware that it may seem austere or even insolent, when I am seeking shelter in reverie during confabulatory engagements. But, I would rather have a coffee in the lazy afternoon, reading a book that would inspire me more than people who tried too hard to impress the others with his (self-perceived) heroic adventures. I would rather have a glass of pinot noir at the dining table, playing a game that will excite me more than people who said too much to gain attention with his (self-pity) morose stories.

Let me know when you feel the need to discuss about non-frivolous matter with me, then you will have my full attention, I promise.


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