Turning Point

As the last paper completed last month, I have officially graduated from my degree programme under the assumption that my result, which is announced at the end of August, will suffice to finally fulfil the requirements necessary for graduation. At this point of time, standing at this junction of life, it is time for me to hit the highway. I have been in education for way too long, and after 24 years of my life, I have to depart now. 

Staring at the sea of working professionals in the workforce made me shudder. They are willingly submerged in continuous loop of mundane repetitions in order to acquire survivability for oneself or sustaining a family. It is true and I accepted the fact that this wasn’t a choice to begin with, given that the concept of capitalism is deeply embedded in this socially constructed paradigm. Occasionally, I feel like escaping for this, even if it is only momentarily.  

Sure, working is essential for every living being in this rift of time. But I refuse to take this as it is and I need to experience life before I have to be on my way to yet another dimension. Do allow me to see the world with my own two eyes and walk the earth that we share dearly with the rest of the world’s population, as I want to truly understand this land, breathe this air and live this life with respect to everyone that belongs to this moment. Let me embrace differences between people and similarities between culture for this simple request is important to me.

I want to know more and hopefully by then, I would find out more than I ever wished for. And maybe, I would find myself too down this path we called life.  


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