Under The Weather

It was a groggy morning. I took off with a horrible sleeping position, still wasn’t sure how I did it there, in that awkward curl at the corner of my bed. My head was pulsating and it was spinning real bad. What did I even do yesterday? I wasn’t quite sure anymore. Running through my fingers against my incredibly messy hair, the throbbing head is showing no sign of improvement any time soon.

I decided not to wait further.

The blanket is off, and I tried to set my feet on the ground. I did manage to, not counting the number of times I ran into my cupboard, my desk and my closet. However, the headache still supersedes it all. With my left hand supporting my body weight on the dining table outside my door, my right hand registered unusual temperature from my forehead.

“Crap.” I muttered under my breath.

Treasure hunt with a handicap? That’s probably an utterly new experience for me. I am pretty sure the large stash of aspirin is somewhere near the blue cabinet next to the fridge. Blinded by the heat, I went through the selves four times to locate them right in front of me – on the cabinet all this while. I have urge to “face palm” myself for that, but I wasn’t strong enough to make that statement right now at this condition.

Mum always warn me about having aspirin on an empty stomach. Do I really want to risk it? It’s “Panadol”, supposedly capable to not upset the stomach if I so desire to take them now. Do I know it for sure? Not really, damn. I ended up holding a big glass of water, hoping that it would do something through thermal equilibrium.

Do I want to look for food now? What time is it? Where’s my glasses? The journey back to the room seemed longer than ever. The door knob refuses to cooperate and I did run into the door, which filled in enough for my “face into some other objects” quota. When I did get into my room, I was burning up from the inside.

Oh look, perfect weather out there.


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