Lately I am feeling incredibly unmotivated and uninspired to do just about anything. 

It just felt like nothing is worth dealing with at the moment, and I would like to surrender myself to absolute nothingness. It’s difficult to master the skill of doing nothing. However, to get through this ultimate laziness requires some form of determination and ignorance, to at the very least, not acknowledge the consequences of not being productive. Watching the time pass by and resisting the urge to do something. 

At one point you would break, and understand that you cannot afford to do nothing because it is boring, it is dry and it is wasteful to do so (not do so). The idea of letting the time seep through between your fingers feels depressing, as if there is nothing you could grasp on, to control and to govern. It is as if you are just not good enough, less than capable to address the problem and in turn, solve it. Finally, you decided to stand up.

And started walking.

Regardless of the speed, as long as you have a destination in mind. There’s this ideal that you are pursuing, there’s this place you desire, there’s this life you are trying, in all you can, to paint with vivid experiences, significant people and incredible stories. So, you decided to move on and continue this journey. That’s when I realised it’s time to move again and that is why you are reading this post.


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