Impromptu Writing: Scene Stealers

Written in ten minutes, posted here:

They say love is blind.

It strikes you like a cannonball, left you completely unprepared in this aggressive flame of passion. It comes at weird places, in awkward timing, and any unplanned locations. As a person who never believes in love at first sight, you were proven wrong, again and again. You just fall, as if under some divine intervention or perfectly aligned celestial objects, into this bottomless dark abyss. And when you think you couldn’t fall anymore – that you reached the rock bottom, the bottom just broke off and you fell even deeply in love. You have no justification, no rationale, to explain why do you even like him at the very first place. You simply do. Every small things of his, seems to attract you more and more, day by day. The way he touches his face in the morning, the way he stretches his arms when he yawns, the way he smiles with his row of white teeth peeking out between his lips. You can lucidly remember every curves and grooves on his body, every hand gestures he has when he got really excited about something, and of course those things that he does for you and only you.

You just fall even deeply in love.

You have your standard of the qualities you seek in your perfect soul mate. You imagine him being tall, dark and handsome. You vividly picture him as a very well versed and educated man, probably like to sing and please, please, please be really good in cooking. You would incidentally miss a step and he would embrace you with his big strong arms to keep you from harm, and serenade closely to you, assuring everything will be alright. You could delineate the exact word he would say when he comes into the bed, “I’ll always be right here with you.” Yet, you know that this perfect man does not exist and to you, at this very moment, is completely fine. You don’t mind his occasional goofy side, his lack of tidiness and his less-than-perfect hair. You are okay with the idea of him working hard for a better life and comes home late. Because you know whatever he do, he is doing it for you and only you.

You know one thing for sure: love is probably blind, but your heart will always know best.


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