Walking Home

I can’t help feeling ambivalent about the idea.

When the bus driver sneered at me and rejected my entry to the already-full bus, I was devastated. Waiting for public transportation in Malaysia isn’t pleasant at all to begin with, I would be so annoyed when no sight on the next bus one hour later. To make things even worse, the combination of ravenous me and the dusky horizon does not blend well to delineate my current situation. The growing crowd around the bus station alluding to the possibilities of next completely filled-to-the-brim bus towards the direction of Sunway. I have to apologise as I have no inordinate amount of patience especially being idle in the same position for an extended period. It might not be a swanky choice, but I am really hungry.

So I decided to walk home. 

As the pedestrian pathway shallowed by the stretch of lushness, I was left with no choice but to walk at the side of the highway. The cars hurtling along the road, simply crossing the road, barely 6 metres across, proves to be an operose task. I might not notice how long I stood there, staring blankly at the impeding obstacles that would lead me closer to home.


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