How did I ended up in such imbroglio again?

This idea of skipping the bus was proven to be an operose task, not once but multiple attempts to remind me not to do it. Armed with a paucity of information, I wandered down the busy yet unfamiliar street alone, for no specific reason. As the cars hurling along the highway, the drivers seem to be getting somewhere urgently. The stark difference between the pace of different mode of transportation inundate me with thoughts. Strangely enough, that keen sense of poignant was certainly unexpected. Maybe all I have in disposal at this very moment, is time; and what they are severely lacking of right now, is exactly the same thing.

The smell of exhaust isn’t pleasant. That only result in a mild headache and a strong desire to leave. The sun slowly set beyond the horizon, the traffic congestion however, did not show sign of dissipating any time soon. Blocks of buildings at both sides of the street like undulating mountain landscape despite the contrasting colours. I saw a glimpse of hope when I see a few office workers, two men and a woman, waiting for bus at the rustic bus stop strategically built under the pedestrian bridge.

“Cik, nak tumpang tanya bas ni ada pergi ke arah Subang Jaya tak?”

“Tak lah, yang ni hanya pergi ke Station Kelana Jaya sahaja.”

I stood at the junction of the road leading to the hustling traffic of Subang Airport. I might not notice how long I stood there, staring blankly at the impeding obstacles that would lead me closer to home.


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