It was in high school when you were introduced to the concept of levers. When you apply effort on one end using a fulcrum, to produce a desirable movement of a load. It was well established that effort is required to attain favourable outcome and the usage of fulcrum could leverage it better, making it easier for you to achieve what you want faster. You decide how much effort you are willing to invest. You decide how much time you are willing to spend. It is well established that the idea of you need to invest to get something you want. When the fulcrum is farther, you require less effort to move the load. Sure, you may have to travel a greater distance but the effort required is significantly less. That is, when you planned ahead, it might take some time to achieve desirable outcome, but it will be a lot easier than otherwise.

The fixed pulley will require investing the equal part of effort to move the same amount of load. With every additional dynamic pulley, the force needed to move the same load is cut by half. This suggests the limitless potential of collaboration with others in achieving common goals. It is truly the more the merrier in this case. However, it is worth noting that coming into a consensus on a common goal is very difficult. Some forms of compromise and sacrifices are necessary, if not crucial, to work efficiently. In most cases, you might be surprised of attaining greater heights simply by collaboration with others.

Do remember to plan ahead and work consistently, law of nature already told us how to achieve whatever we want in life. Work with people, work with team and be extremely flexible and tolerable. Get ready to soar towards your goal.


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