That Tree Opposite My House

There is this big mango tree opposite my house.

I had never paid much attention to it, not until it wasn’t there anymore. For 13 years I was facing the tree that was quietly there, it had benefitted me greatly. “My house is just opposite that big tree,” I would always say when someone dropped me off my place. “Just park under that shady tree. It wouldn’t be so hot later when we enter the car despite the occasional crow droppings,” I would say to anyone who came visiting me at my place. “I will be waiting under the big tree in front,” I would suggest when my sisters were taking way too long to get ready. 

That tree, is now gone.

Apparently that recent house owner decided that the tree is too annoying to deal with even though he is currently residing in Johor. Yes, he does not stay in this property most of the time and I had only manage to see him twice since he purchased the property few years back. I thought it was some act of vandalism by school kids around the area – that big red “x” mark on the tree trunk. A couple of days later, the tree was cut down into chunks, left around the roots. 

I was devastated.

That tree, wasn’t merely a tree with falling leaves throughout the years. It was a companion that was taken granted of. It was something to look up to, at least for me. The presence of the tree provided a relief to the hot weather, a reference to a location, a solution to the problems, and a source of inspiration if I may say so, especially when I am feeling down. Watching the wind blew past the leaves soothes and relaxes my mind, for some reasons. 

That tree was big and tall while the trunk is wide and stable, splitting into three smaller trunks close to the ground and stretching up far into the sky with its long, continuously forking branches with an abundance of leaves, green and healthy accompanied by bunch of dark yellow mangoes in the middle of the year. Neighbours will sometimes gather around the tree and attempt to pluck the delicious mangoes using a long pole with a diagonally-cut plastic bottle attached to one end. The mangoes were then shared around and that smile brighten up the days. 

I guess things just have to change. As time passes, we just have to let go and move on. I suppose it’s time to say good bye, to a tree.



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