This Semester


This semester had been very exciting, except the fact that things are a little out of board, a little late and a little messy. And no, I didn’t enjoy it.

I had been telling myself so many times about time management to avoid procrastination, completely if possible. However, I fall back to the very identical black hole of sheer laziness and unable to extract myself from this state of limbo. For that, I am angry at myself. The experience of doing assignments with classmates in the middle of the night is special and memorable, that I have to agree. But rushing over something and submitting sloppy assignments, that I will not forgive myself. However, this semester has way too much compromise, and worst of all, too little focus. I really need to fix this as soon as possible. With the extra external freelancing work, I will eventually crash in my third year, that I have to prevent at all cost. Let’s just hope this semester’s result will not be too much of an extreme disappointment, please.


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