I had been presented with many opportunities recently.

And I have to say I learnt a lot in this couple of month. About life, society and myself as a person. I realised that there are plenty of the unknown terrain that I have to venture. There are things that nay seem uncomfortable at first but might grow into something beautiful and gorgeous, something potentially fruitful at the end of the day. Something that I would be proud of, something that I wouldn’t regret of. Something that I would cherish for the rest of my life, telling stories about the very special something. Or someone.

But, sometimes there are only so much I could do at one time. And there are times when I have to choose, between what’s best for me and everyone else around me. To be a responsible person and to be honest to my heart. I have to let go.

I will fight for every single possibilities, I promise. I will be happy and glad that I did not attempt to fool myself, to manipulate myself or even to blind myself from the things around us. I will remember to do something good to myself before submerging myself to a form of illusionary duty that I owe to people, as an act of respect or even, kindness.

I will wake up everyday and be grateful that I am alive. I will treat myself a little better. I will achieve what I intended to achieve like how I promised myself a dozen times prior to this. I will do what I need to do, desire what I want to do. Allowing myself to be happy, before I forget to smile for the years to come.

Appreciate what I have and embrace what could be.


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