Of Familiarity and Novelty: The Decision I Made

It’s the determination to do something that drive people forward. It’s the sheer needs and wants that make people looking for ways to satisfy them. It is all because of our insatiable desire that cause the world to move forward.

But, as human beings, we are resistant to changes. To a certain extent, we even avoid them just because we are fearful and cautious to the unknown, the uncertainties ahead. It seems like we are constantly in this weird paradox whereby two completely different needs at both ends of extremity. We are playing this tug-of-war to juggle between familiarity and novelty, trying to be constantly comfortable with what we know, yet craving for a form of inspiration and drive from the new things ahead.

So, I took a leap to cycle these needs alternatively.

I shall buy a one way ticket and just go, many places – eventually.


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