Local Agency

One of a senior account executive asked me how do I feel 3 days before my last day. I have to say, I do not have any significant feeling over the internship. She was mocking half heartedly saying that: “as if you been through so many internships”.

I nodded because it’s true. 

I did more than what an average student will be doing – an underpaid full-time heavily supervised employee. Not that I enjoy working so much that I would utilise every single opportunity I get to have a taste of the working world. I just find it more productive to use my holidays as such, even though I get so little financial compensation in return. However, it is the experience that I cherish and the people that I met along the way. Sure, there are some miserable times when I will be hanging on that last piece of RM10 in my pocket. But hey, I still stay at home. 

I could always eat home, you see.

I enjoyed the people and the experiences. The differences between working in an international firm and a local agency is the degree of involvement. I am truly glad to have personally involved in around 5 campaigns throughout the two and a half months here. Have the chance to watch a TVC production, radio ad production and concept developments in which I could write myself, the experience is priceless, no matter how depressing it could be when attempting to convey messages and concepts in English to a Mandarin/Cantonese-inclined working environment. 

Yes, depressing.

Given the demographic of the clients, it does suggest a significantly potential for a tighter budget as well as lesser susceptibility for an abstract brand image driven campaigns. Headaches at times, but it’s the restriction that triggers the creativity. Frustrating at times, but it’s the thrill that comes from the problem solving process kept me wanting for more. Weird, I know. 

There are moments when I find the feeling of inadequacy, however I know for sure that it is a learning process after all. I will go further, I can go further. Tiring, yet memorable. 

Thank you, the people of K-Gic. 


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