I tend to oversleep. 

Given that the bed felt so good especially in the morning and despite the fact that I personally find sleeping pretty unproductive, it felt almost like an addiction. An addiction for pleasure, that will delay, disrupt and disconnect you momentarily or more. Sleeping is potentially the most legal and well accepted form of addiction, with coffee coming to a near second.  Ranking addictions in relation against cost efficiency, sleeping is practically incontestable with one fixed cost, one variable cost and no overhead cost. It can be proudly certified as “sustainable addiction”.

However, no matter how sustainable one addiction can be, it would not result in progress and positive outcome in the long run. Instead, you might even get fatter. No, not that I am saying that sleeping is bad, but oversleeping is. Most of the things in life will be beneficial is used in moderation. Drinking coffee is good for brain activity and metabolism rate, but too much of it then you would not be able to function without it. And this would apply to the act of sleeping too. 

I dread the mornings when I have to enter the classroom/office at 8.30am. But as much as I want to avoid this, I find I would be able to complete more tasks throughout the day. I essentially achieve more in the very same 24 hours time frame per day. I know I should wake up earlier, at least to exercise every morning.

But damn, that bed felt oh-so-fine. 


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