Moving Forward

One day you were celebrating new year with a runny nose, in a blink of an eye it is the middle of the month already. Time is passing fast, got to filled it up with productive stuff before it is gone for good. 

Been in the company for half a month already, I am glad that I am learning things I otherwise wouldn’t at university. Watching the production of a TV commercial, looking into the ideation process in an agency, brainstorming with designer, and acknowledging my strengths and weaknesses. 

I realised that I have to learn to be more versatile, more well versed with design and write a lot better when it comes to copywriting. Got a lot of opportunities and experiences on the production of corporate identity from working freelance. Now that there are new projects coming in, I am ready to take a step further, packaging design here I come. 

There is this feeling of inadequacy emerging every now and then, doubting my own capabilities and disapproving discomfort in style. I have to let it go, I might not be good enough but I will be eventually. There’s always a first time, I will allow calculated risk. 

I will keep on moving forward. 



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