Conclusion: 2012

Honestly, having a cough is far worse than fever or any sickness caused by viruses (exaggeration).

The whole phase of being awaken in the middle of the night just to cough, oh-no-thank-you-please. Lying on the bed practically the whole day? The tension between being entertained and being tortured, oh-no-thank-you-please. Judging from the circumstances of the following:

A: End of the Year
B: After Christmas
C: Party Time
D: Rest Time 
E: Spring Cleaning Time
F: Prior to New Year
G: Post Final Exam Period

I have to say, this is probably the shittiest time to get sick aaaaaaand I just have to get infected with cough, flu, sore throat and fever. All hail, marvellous immune system of mine. I feel bad missing my friend’s birthday party, taekwondo potluck and several outings all together. 

What a way to bring 2012 to an end, I shall give myself a pat in the back and say “there, there.” even though it did not go as well as I wish it was. But what’s done is done, pat of the dust behind and start all over again.  

As I grow older year by year, time seems to be taking up speed, despite that our day supposedly getting longer due to the slowing down of the earth’s rotation speed. The false perception of the time shortening is most likely inversely proportionate to new associations established on the increasing amount of things around us or was it the embrace of staggering obligations in life? Either way, this is alarming, for me at least. It just felt like you have more and more things to do and you have lesser and lesser time to complete the things you want to do. 

Hello there, 2013.

I need to make sure that I’ll make you worthwhile. 


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