Rise of the Guardian

I woke up to a phone call.

“Hey, this is John.” the voice on the other side said.

I am in an utterly blur and confused state said: “Yes?” and started to run a mental carousel to match a John that I know and would like to watch movie on a Sunday.

Oh, Jonathan Yam.

I just had to facepalm myself for that and note to self, save his number.

Got ready in fifteen minutes and went outside when Wen Jiet called and told me they were outside of my house already. So, I did the same.

But, there was no car outside. “Must be at the other lane,” I thought.

I called to confirm and I was right.

Sunday afternoon was lazy, mostly because I am.

Leaving all journals and reports behind, watching movie that cost RM14.

“Thanks a lot, inflation.” I have to add in.

Stop by Ajisen Ramen for an expensive ramen, don’t go there if you are trying to save money.

Rise of the Guardian was well animated, but I didn’t quite like the plot.

Meeples session was right after the movie and I had the opportunity to try Nutella Latte (more like Nutella Milk).

Went back home at almost 6pm, it was drizzling.


Till now.

Laying on my bed, sketching and drafting. 

Tomorrow will be eventful, I have to remind myself.

Don’t messed up the interview, embrace the traffic flow. 

I cross my fingers.


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