What A Life Of Travel Does To You

What A Life Of Travel Does To You

What and how a travelling decision will affect you as a person? I can relate to it, and it’s always on my list. Written by ALEX BRUECKNER on Thought Catalogue.

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

How appropriate.

I had been wondering the exact same question. I suppose it originated from that first time you decided to go travelling. The very essence of knowing there are so many things out there triggered a collateral damage on the idea of being stagnant. The agitation that comes when you know you are missing something.

I am doing the same thing, flipping to travel channels, check AirAsia constantly for cheap tickets, setting longer and longer bucket list. I guess we couldn’t help it, it is how it is. The wonderlust in us, moving us around, literally.


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