Sitting in the Classroom

As the day progresses into the end of the semester, the time seems to speed up significantly. However, the enthusiastic feeling of hopefulness diminishes in an inversely proportionate manner. It became hectic, and it became very dreadful just being in the classroom. 

Sometimes I wonder, is it worth it?

The money we paid for education is merely too high for a qualification. Yes, we do learn something but do we learn enough? We do experience things that would make us a better person but does it guarantee a substantial success rate in the industry eventually?

I have no idea, but I am bored.

This lack of inspiration is not helping in the future career pathway, that I am pretty sure. Given the case that I am actually blogging in the class somewhat could justify this. I did learn something, but I think I need to be inspired. 

To be someone better, to do something greater.

It’s raining outside, it’s raining inside. 


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