Disposable Holidays

Having an extra week for me as holiday this semester didn’t turn out to be productive at all. I was merely lying on the bed watching One Piece all the way and caught up with the current episode already. I do have four major projects due by end of the month, I can’t help but ask myself, “what the hell am I doing?”

There was this feeling of exhaustion that I can’t really put my fingers on.

Tired, I guess.

On the positive note, I might be able to get into K-Gic advertising for internship this coming January. I certainly hope I could learn a thing or two in the position as copywriting intern. Essentially reassure the career pathway that I am going to take.

I did go for a photoshoot with Shinta, a classmate of mine for one of our magazine cover project under Graphic Communication. I never knew there are such gigantic softbox and reflectors. The shoot took around 2 hours and we managed to take a few good shots, now we just have to get to work and hopefully it can be completed by Wednesday.

I am certainly hyper.

I had fun, I must say.


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