Midnight Rain

It started raining all of the sudden.

I just have to get up from my seat and sit by the window. Listening to the sound of raindrops pattering on the roof, watching the raindrops slowly moving down the glass panels. I took in a deep breath after sliding the window slightly to the left, attempting to not allow too much of the rain wetting the side of the bed.

I looked back inside. The clock in the faded beige wall of line told me that: It’s midnight. It felt so good, laying on the bed on a rainy night. The occasional and subtle thunder completed the nature orchestra. It was smooth and soothing at the same time. It felt distant, and I felt safe in my own little sanctuary.

And I just have to drift into deep thoughts.

Things felt as if it had slowed down, moving in slow motion. Taking its own sweet time, not adhering to the busy state of my mind. I have to let go, just for a little while. Forgetting my problems, pretty sure that it would be less painful to deal with eventually.

And by the time I realise, I’m already gone. Leaving the midnight rain, embracing tomorrow’s sunshine. Drifting into my dream, shutting reality off for at least the next seven hours.

Oh, I tell that myself all the time. Not sure how effective though.


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