Definition of Life

It’s the experience that counts.

I adore experiences in life, to me at least. It is like you have yet to live life, if you refuse to embrace the diversity and of course the complexity of life (despite it being really simple essentially). It’s overwhelming, all happening so fast. In 2 weeks time, I had experienced more than I ever did experience before in my life.

Love Street at Macao

Big Buddha Statue

Church at Macao’s Peak

The decision to go Hong Kong and Macao alone was impulsive and planned, no matter how paradoxical it may sound. I never regretted that decision made in the office that February afternoon. I took my bag, I took my camera and I took my passport and just went to a foreign land with no expectation. I had seen Hong Kong in and out, on foot. Attempted to walk to the airport on a highway nearly cause me big trouble when the police stopped me and (thank goodness) sent me to the nearest train station. Walked on the other side of the city, walked to the quiet side of the city.

I realised.

There’s no point rushing over life. There’s no point running around in circle. I need to see the world. I need to embrace life at its finest. I took a midnight flight back to Malaysia with a bottle of Absolut 100, and I went to Isaiah’s place with Edwin. The next week was crazier than I ever thought it will be.

And now I am here, writing this.

Leaving no regrets behind.


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