Completion of Internship and then…

I looked at the clock.

I was glad that I do not have to set alarm anymore, the hectic days had finished. Internship was rather annoying, not because of the job, but rather the traffic jam that I had to face every single day. Now, I could just lay in my bed and not to worry about potential accidents and endless traffic jam nightmares. I certainly wonder what am I suppose to do next time as I have such resistance toward the idea of travelling to work next time.

Despite I am glad that I am going back to school, yet the idea of the group assignments are rather disturbing. Have to come out with a plan and make it through year 1 in one piece.

On the side note, I met up with Hui Wen today and we talked about financial planning. So, this is what I am going to do.

Prerequisite: Review Insurances Policy
1. Prepare 6 months worth of income as emergency fund.
2. Get a ten-year saving scheme with a minimum 5% ROI.
3. Purchase a portfolio of Mutual Funds, comprising of 20% moderate risk and 30% aggressive risk.
4. Prepare a stock portfolio of high dividend stocks to about 30% of the portfolio.
5. The rest on real estate investments as soon as the bubble burst.

Will revise on the plan as the time goes, for now let’s hope this is simple and friendly enough for young amateur like me.


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