It’s the end of the month

I look at the calender.

I look at myself and I wondered, have I achieved the things that I said I would through my resolutions, internship and minor projects that lead me to my goals? I could not have stressed it more, time flies. They do and when they do, you barely notice it. It’s the end of the month already, I suppose I had been secured in a similar structure or pattern of lifestyle during the internship, decreasing the sensitivity towards time and increasing the agitation toward the traffic condition of Malaysia. I could do so much more, rather than sitting in the car for an hour to reach home. 
Am I learning anything? Perhaps, and I certainly hope so. I do conquer the fear I have with phone calls to strangers, although am still not liking it a single bit. I do realise that I got the tendency to use “actually” a lot when I am nervous. I do understand that working can only be meaningful once a purpose is establish. I do know what I want now, crystal clear. This does give me a proof on my choice on advertising, but will I do well in the following semesters? I have to make sure it will happen.
Looking at my results, to be honest, I am disappointed. It’s not like it wasn’t expected since my lecturer commented that he does not understand my English. The very first time, when you know what your lecturer is teaching, but no matter what you do, he just doesn’t seem to like your answer; I can only sigh. 
Not quite sure whether I learnt anything so far, but it’s all about perception anyway. 
It’s the end of the month already and school will resume next month, and honestly? I am pretty excited. Not that I look forward to the group assignments, or uncertainties in the faculty, but I just want to make the best out of it, and make sure I could graduate with the minimum cost incurred. 
It’s back to office tomorrow, damn. 

One thought on “It’s the end of the month

  1. on 29th feb, i told myself, one month to go for my 21st~ i realized that i have wasted a lot of time these two years~ and i cannot let it continue… I want a brand new life on my 21st 🙂

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