Just Go

Life had been good, it had been really good and it should stay that way.
Things got complicated when people are being blinded by society’s perception of how you should live and they began to act like a self centered and egoistic bastards. One idiot triggers the rest around him to become just like him, because it is just not advantageous enough to be kind and good anymore. It escalated like a snow ball and the world stopped at its feet as the people living inside stop being themselves. Living zombies, trying to survive, were thinking that they are actually alive.

Being alive is more than that, it’s about being yourself and experiencing life at its best. One needs to remove himself from the cycle, stop taking advices from the social conventions and truly live to experience another place, people and things around you. Don’t think so much, escape from the seat of death and give yourself a change to see, feel and experience. Life is so much more than that, please do not ever restrict yourself at the very same spot, telling yourself that it is impossible or worst still, you cannot do it. Go travel, just pack your bag and go. Let yourself breathe and take a random chance, who knows what awaits you and you might discover something that you never thought you will. Do something that scares you, it’s okay to be afraid. But trust me, it feels SO good when you conquered it all.

Give yourself a chance and just go.

Stop giving yourself excuses and try to rationalize a reason to go. Remove from the cycle, remove from the familiar places around you, remove from people that you love, just for a little while. No problem, there are WiFi everywhere anyways. Take lots of pictures, take a random leap, take an exciting trip.
Just go.

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