Internship Application

April sent in my resume to a company this morning.

I woke up and saw it immediately as the email was cc-ed to me too. Around 11am in the morning, when I was still all groggy since I just woke up, an unknown caller calling me on my phone. Puzzled, I picked up the phone and a lady was speaking her company’s name and her position, then told me that she saw my resume and was wondering whether I can attend the interview today.

Honestly, I am not sure what’s going on.

I sent April a copy of my resume so that she could use her power of networking and get me a potential internship position. April had been really efficient, a bit too efficient that I basically have no clue or whatsoever on the companies that she had sent to. When the lady over the phone was talking, there was this large grey cloud over my head. Wasn’t even sure how to react with the questions for a moment there.

I proceed to ask for the office location and her name. The rest? Ask April lah. Apparently, this Success Resources deals with seminars that are of my interest and I just went for the interview on 2.30pm. Thankfully for John, the marketing manager for not being harsh on me and took me in despite the short period of internship. Or maybe it’s because of the low salary exception that I wrote. This is also the very first interview that someone asked me: “Do you read books? What’s the last book you read?” Luckily I was reading Payback Time in mandarin. HAHAHA!

It’s the experiences that count, no? That’s why it is called an internship. I tried to not assume anything and learn whatever that I could in the meantime. I am glad enough, really. And I start on Monday.

Thanks, April.


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