Sepang Gold Coast

It’s been awhile, a spontaneous trip like this, away from the city life and hid under a chalet which was (and I believe still is) infested by mosquitoes. We went to Sepang Gold Coast, we as in Esther, Sharon, Calvin and myself to a beach where the sea is not correctly colored and I shall not complain further.

The getting together part was really good, except the RM120 spent on the entire trip which include alcohol. And of course, what do we do there even when we are told not do? Enjoy hard drinks (minuman keras). Still not liking for a bit, cannot comprehend the concept drinking awfully tasted drink to achieve temporary state of reduced inhibitions but I worked around it. Confession and awkward daring games while quite amazed by the fact that we only played one round of citadel, the night eventually turned sentimental and quiet.

True, nothing will last forever.

But at least I’m making the best out of everything, no? I don’t ask for much, please do remember me and give a nod when we walk past each other on the opposite side of the road. Who are we do judge what will happen in the future, what I can only do is to make sure I appreciate every single moment of togetherness.

I think it comes with age, the whole enlightenment of life. Despite how much I am trying to avoid being called “old for my age” but I couldn’t help it. Besides, it’s rational and logical once you placed them into their respective positions. I will never assume that I know anything or that I am right in all situations. I shall place ego aside and acknowledge the rest of the populations, however shallow or bias the opinion would be. Of course, I don’t have to agree nonetheless.

It’a a phase, I suppose. Just like the sunset that we witness over the deck (regardless how much mosquitoes that are at the same place which I resorted to eating at the weirdest position ever), things have to come and go.  Maybe that’s the whole reason for people to perceive it as beautiful and important, because they all do not last.

I will definitely miss this moment.

The very same time next year, it might be just two of us left out of the original four. Quietly fighting for a position to be recognized and appreciated. Trying to live life at the fullest while keeping the capitalists happy. Hopefully, Calvin and Esther will do well in their masters degree program, I am pretty sure. Who knows that if things work out well, probably we could have a better trip all the way to Japan and UK. Given the current financial situation, it’s still nice to think about the possibilities of these opportunities.

Tsk, life.


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