UK Summer Program – Lancaster

We have an opportunity to participate in a summer program all the way at Lancaster, UK early next year. It’s like doing electives at UK and I’m really diggin’ the idea. 3 months in UK? I guess I could finish London and some other cities like Mancaster or even Glasgow to find my childhood friend. I’m excited, very excited.

But there’s this one problem, money. That had been a problem ever since I want to do anything, and frankly, I can’t really do anything about it. If I really want this to happen, I would have to do something about it, i.e. save money, a lot of money and work whenever I can. By doing this I would be jeopardizing my new year resolutions but I will not tolerate too much compromise on both the life time objective and resolutions for this year.

I will proceed to accomplish all the resolutions that involve physical and mental development. However, things that would require significant financial support might have to wait for next year. I will do my handstand, I will workout as much as possible and I will hike that bloody hill. Diving license and travel to the foreign country thing might have to wait. Not that I don’t want to do it, I have to delay it for the greater benefits.

I am absolutely thrilled with the opportunity to go to UK.

And I am not letting it go. Heard it from a friend that RM10k would be more than enough to backpack at UK. I guess I have to at least have RM7.5k at the end of the year to ensure a slight possibilities on this plan.

I’m going to UK and I am readjusting my new year resolutions:

1. to be able to do a handstand – on both hands, without assistance of wall
2. weight training to obtain more muscle mass – to be able to wear tank top with nice muscle definition on arms and shoulders and chest AND lose fat for six pack abs – along side with tkd bootcamp training
3. 120kg deadlift, 100kg squat and 75kg bench press.
4. 6 arts project – at least 2 major projects
5. climb a mountain / hills including broga or tahan AND white water rafting – self explanatory
6. take Korean language test – attempt level 4
7. Read one book every month
8. Blog every week.
9. save money – RM10,000 via teaching, freelance event / creative jobs and part time jobs.
10.Self-learn Guitar
11. Maintain 75 average for degree.
12. Learning something new this year – something that I am unaware of or inexperience on.


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