2012 – The Beginning of the Resolutions

Was working on an event during the countdown event at Red Carpet Avenue near Sunway Giza. When the clock stroke 12am, when the crowd cheered, when I was standing under the fireworks, it was 2012 already. Honestly, I don’t see the joy or the sorrow that was created for the past year. I guess, I did not experience enough, something that I could possibly realized while talking with Sharon.

I had been productive last year.

Not that I haven’t, completed all 11 of the resolutions which includes working out, graduating with distinction, obtaining diving license and going to a cave. This year around, I would own 2012 all over again, over and over again while making sure I would be able make 2012 a better year. Setting up 12 resolutions this year which I will make sure I will complete them and mark against some friends of mine who are ready to take up the challenge. Whoever loses, pays for dinner PER RESOLUTION.

This year around, I will:

1. travel to a country – foreign country with different language and cultural background
2. weight training to obtain more muscle mass – to be able to wear tank top with nice muscle definition on arms and shoulders and chest AND lose fat for six pack abs – along side with tkd bootcamp training AND to be able to do a handstand – on both hands, without assistance of wall
3. take Korean language test – attempt level 4
4. 6 arts project – at least 2 major projects
5. diving advance license – at pulau redang or equilavant AND climb a mountain / hills including broga or tahan AND white water rafting – self explanatory
6. to construct a home gym – equipped with pull up bar and gymnastic rings
7. Read one book every month
8. taking guitar class – and be able to play three songs
9. save money – RM2,000 to be exact via teaching, freelance event or creative jobs and part time jobs.
10. Blog every week.
11. Maintain 75 average for degree.
12. Learning something new this year – something that I am unaware of or inexperience on.

Mini Goals: 120kg deadlift, 100kg squat and 75kg bench press by end of the year!

Who’s up with the challenge can always leave a comment. XD


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