Dido – Life for Rent

The feeling so complicated inside, when this song was played over the radio. It feels so… empty, deep inside. The sense of belonging rendered, invalid.

Maybe that’s exactly why I constantly wants to run away, from everything else. Questioning the matter of love and despair and rationalizing life. But if my life is for rent, I think the rental shouldn’t be high, as of I do not have much furniture inside. One day, maybe one day, I would meet someone that would understand the various sizes of pictures and photos I hung all over the house. Everything I had, everyone that I had met, seems like a phase, a passage of water which will eventually pass, nothing I have is truly mine. I’m just very sentimental.

Maybe that’s because I had never strong enough to stick long enough to associate with the people and the things around me. I had grown too lazy to tolerate and entertain drama among the society. Sure, dissociating with it painful, but my laziness always win. I will regret the very next day, and will proceed with my life, trying to be better than tomorrow.

The concept of life is too vague.

No one knows how to live, they only think they know how to live. Don’t judge me with your standards, everyone is trying their best to live life.


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