Coming to an End

It’s scary.

The thought of time passing on so fast. It feels like yesterday when I came back from Korea. It feels like yesterday when I had my first 20 weeks internship in a multinational advertising firm. It feels like yesterday when I graduated from my diploma with distinction. It feels like yesterday when I applied for the degree program. And semester one is coming to an end after the finals from 5th to the 16th of December. Soon, very soon.

Time has no mercy, it just keeps on going. Regardless what you may had decided to do, to stay or to progress. To this very point, I felt like I am not maximizing the time and productivity of my life’s direction. It’s never enough, it’s always too many things to do and oh-so-little-time.

I have so many tasks on my to-do-list. It’s very scary, when I realize that this year is coming to an end. I still have dreams to live, and life to dream on. I refuse to sit on it and not do anything about it. To achieve something, 3 crucial resources are required: human resource, time and money. I am the human resource, and I need to fully utilize my time. Am I going to allow money to restrict myself? I am afraid that I am doing so right now.

I want to runaway.

I had been saying this for quite some time already. I had been staying in Subang Jaya for a little but more that 2 decades. I need and I desire to expand my horizon, to see, to learn and to experience. Let me run, let me escape to a place that I might not know, that I might not understand. Let me fall, let me learn from the mistakes that I made throughout my life, throughout my existence. Let me experience, let me grow from the things I see, the things I learn and the things that I am about to experience.

I will be responsible to myself, and the choices I made and will make in the future.

I am not sure whether I will be fine, whether I will be rich, whether I will be a better person (or not). I had drew up my map and lay it on the table, telling myself: just allow myself to do so. Please be fine. Please be okay. I hope, I sincerely hope so.

I learned a lot and even met a lot of new friends. Having new friends like Shinta, Edwin and Isaiah from the degree course in Sunway had brighten up the road and journey we are about to take. Maybe, just maybe 10 years later, we would be sitting on the same table again, laughing about the assignments we had over a cup of coffee, or chocolate. It would be fine, it should be okay at the end of the day. I hope, I sincerely hope so.

It’s almost the end of 2011.

It’s time to clean up the mess and be a little bit more productive then the year before. A little bit more determined than the year before. And,  a little bit more grateful than the year before.

Thank you, world.
Thank you, friends.
New or Old.

Thank you, I truly know what I suppose to do now.


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