Korea Trip

All of the sudden, I went to Korea and participated Taekwondo competition. I am really sorry that I from the start to the end, am not satisfied of my performance. It just feel like I am not good enough, upon completion of the competition, it had further confirm my thoughts. I am not strong enough, not flexible enough, not good enough. Depressing? Yes. Motivating? Oh hell yes.

When you are exposed to stimuli or even confined in an area where everyone else’s standard is THAT high, you have no choice but to improve. I don’t want to call it eustress, I rather call it self-actualization. When you are informed that there are something better out there, what you have became worthless. As long as you are willing to do something about it, then it’s all okay.

It’s just a little overwhelming, honestly. To see other Taekwondo player perform their Side Kick all the way 170 to 180 degrees upward. According to the all mighty Master Park, Side Kick do shows the proficiency of a particular Taekwondo player in terms of the understanding of the motion all the way to the dedication and years put into the training. If  170 degree is normal, I think I barely passed. Doing that in Malaysia? I think you will earn respect from everyone 3rd Dan and below. Heck, even a master might not be able to do it too.

That looks like a direction to go.
At least 150 degree, come on!


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