That’s it, Diploma.

I had finally completed my diploma, after 3 and a half years. It took me quite a while, with the cultural exchange to Korea for a year, it had already separated me from my original batch. Facing with a completely new batch of classmates when I came back for only 7 months, sad to say, I don’t feel anything that I suppose to feel when I took my final paper on Exhibition Operation subject. Not a hint of happiness, nor sadness. I did my best throughout the entire diploma program, as I had never liked to be labelled as irresponsible. What I had done does not really seem to matter anymore once I proceed to a completely new degree. I could only hope that it would benefit be in terms of the awesomeness of the resume, but I do not feel regret completing this particular diploma of mine.

It did pull out some of the unknown personalities or characteristics of me which I also hope it would benefit me more when I progress into degree the very next month. By the time when I will be completing my degree, most of my friends would probably be working for 2 years or so already. Am I suppose to be worried? Am I suppose to be nervous about my choice of degree now? My dad, especially had made a big fuss of it. I am certainly aware that working experiences are the vital component in the future career pathway while education only works as a stepping stone so why waste time on this when you can finish it within 4 years. However, I refuse to tolerate inferior learning opportunities. Call that character, call that ignorant. I call that learning. After these long period of diploma, I certainly am exposed to various kind of people, challenges, responsibilities and opportunities. I believe it would do me good some time later. *cross fingers*

For the very first time, I am feeling absolute neutral.


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