I guess when my time is completely occupied, there is nothing left for me to think about anymore. I realize that I cannot stop or rest for a moment, once there are time for me to do nothing, my brain will start to do unnecessary thinking. I suppose I prefer it to be like this, being occupied, being utilized, most of all, being purposeful. I survived, without internet for a timespan of two weeks. I realize that internet, ultimately is important but it doesn’t mean as much anymore.

Because the purpose is not there anymore.

Until now, so many years down the road I came to realize that it was the people who make me want to go online, making me feel that going online is meaningful, because there will be people waiting for you and you are going to be a part of something.

But I guess it’s not happening now.

Surprisingly, I took it quite well. And maybe it is all because of the internship or supervised work experience thing. For the 5 months duration, despite the fact that I am not liking this due to the whole fact that I have to wake up at 7am, and make sure I arrive there at 9am, and also the fact that Malaysia’s public transportation’s efficiency, which require me to be extremely patience with everything that is revolving around me, I think I have to get use to this “Working Zombie” lifestyle.

Oh well…


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