Genting don’t excite me as much already. Either it is because I am getting old, or maybe because I had been to better ones.

Woke up in awkward hours this morning to get ready for this day trip to Genting with Sharon, Calvin and Esther. Probably the last random long distance outings for now until my internship officially ends first. 6am and I felt like hell, got on to Sharon’s car which was driven by Calvin. We attempted to go on LDP but the traffic jam would not allow us to do so. Then, we revert to NPE, paid toll, went through KL, and Wangsa Maju before entering the Gombak then Genting Highland’s road.

We stopped at some mamak and ate breakfast. I ended with a VERY big plate of chicken fried rice and a VERY sweet Milo. Then, it was sugar rush all the way till we reach the final destination.

We headed to the outdoor theme park straightaway to avoid human jam which usually occur right after lunch. Finally get to play the go-kart, even though I got the slowest car that cannot accelerate properly. Then it was all the ones that will have a long queue later, like Cockscrew. After playing all those, we went and ate Pizza Hut. RM77 for 4 people set, talk about inflation and then we went to Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

After that were Flume Ride and The Mining Train, then it was time to go.

We went for dinner at Sushi King, Sunway Pyramid after going through the traffic jam again at Federal Highway and now here I am, going to bed.

Good night, world.


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