Hello, G2

I made it.

At least into G2. The next 5 months is completely new to me though. Apparently during the interview, one of senior, Lee Tien saw me. I guess this internship ain’t going to be that bad.

Well, because of the interview this morning, I can’t sleep again. Went to bed at 1am, it seems like telling myself that “I need to sleep.” doesn’t help at all. Finally slept around 2am and woke up at 5.30am.

I left the house at 7am, thinking KTM and Monorail going to give me hell, it did, but at least I arrived 2 hours before I suppose to meet up with the HR department. The monorail station is right outside Wisma Genting, and I thought I would need to spend time to find it.

So, I spend those extra time at KFC eating some weird breakfast wrap.

Around 10am, I went back to the company and met the HR department. Then, the head of that department. Then, the person that I will work under for the next 5 months. I thought that it would be very difficult to enter, since this is a big company after all. I was surprised that all of them ask so specific questions and then granted me this opportunity to intern inside.

Yeah, and they were so surprised to see me interning for 5 months.

Do you smoke?
Do you drink?
Do you mind working under alcohol and tobacco?

Most direct and specific interview ever.

Hello, G2.
See you next week.


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