Guess that when you get back into life, things might be a little bumpy until you get used to it again.The whole internship thing wasn’t going as smooth as I thought it will. I wish it could all end up okay, if it weren’t that case, then I am screwed. I need all the luck I could get, at least for the next 6 months. Since I came back, I had my share of fun and food. Until then, I will keep on crossing out the to-eat list that I pre-planned at Korea. It is almost complete, not until I finally get to go to Ipoh and Penang. Oh ya, my mum is going to Miri tomorrow for three days, need to take care of my sisters and wash the clothes. My fingers are painful because I cannot press the chords right on the guitar, I guess I have to keep on trying. I think my life is on track again.



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