Going Home

Going home had never been exciting for me, never. Not once in my 20 years of life you would hear me telling you that I am glad that I am going home. Not even in National Service, since the period was not as long as this. But I had been happy for three days now.

And it’s all because I am going home.

No, I am not saying that Korea is boring or I cannot adapt to the lifestyle over here or what not. I suppose what other people say is always true, you only know how to appreciate things when you lost them. Now, I miss every single thing that my home has to offer. Surprisingly, I even miss that Proton Saga that is even older than me. I miss my mum’s cooking, my sisters’ laughter and above all I miss the sense of belonging the most.

Malaysia might not be a perfect place to live, but it’s sufficient. I might not know what will happen to me or where would I be in the next 20 years, but I would be really glad to say, I’m from Malaysia. There’s no place like Malaysia, especially when we talk about the food. Fate might bring me to various places around the world, but I would definitely come back occasionally just for the food.

Oh yes, the food.

Where on earth would you find a place that sell Wanton Noodles, Roti Canai and Ramly Burger at the same time? I personally think that it is very possible that Malaysia market as a food tourism country along with the whole eco-tourism hype now. I doubt any country could have so many types of food in one place anyway.

I am happy.

I am going home, in less than a month. Being in Korea for the almost-one-year period of time had truly let me reflect on myself, thoroughly. I am quite sure I know what to do, what I want and where am I heading to after this getaway from reality. Things that I seen, people that I met, stuff that I experience, would make me a better person. I don’t hope for a lot of things, I just wish that I would have the time to achieve what I want before my time comes.

The year was blank, I would say. Blank enough which allows you to paint it yourself, by your way. I did a lot, I experience a lot, and I understand a lot more. I did the first video here in Korea, I went for a night hiking trip for the first time, I met a lot of Chinese friends, and most of all I lost 4kgs! Not much for a list of achievements, but it definitely prove that if there’s a will, there’s a possibility for it to happen.

My canvas might not be perfect, but I am dead sure that it is very colorful. For that, I am truly glad. The deadline for the canvas submission is here. I had to hand it in and continue painting the canvas of my life, embracing my future and make sure that I would not regret any moment of my life. Not for the things I had done, but the things that I did not do.

I cannot afford to waste any moment of my life.

The time is too fast, suddenly it’s been a full academic year and I have to go back and finish what I started, of course, what I’m referring to is my diploma. If things would go on well, after a degree with the second year entrance, hopefully Korea would want to take me back for Master program.

Meanwhile, I have to do what I have to do.

But for now, it’s almost time for me to go back. I really miss every single thing back there. I miss random supper with Stephanie, random Pyramid outing with Jane, random badminton session with Soon Queen, random trip with Esther, Calvin and Sharon. I miss my event management classmates. I miss every single on of them. Don’t worry guys, I would make it up for the whole year while I’m not there.

I am coming home.

Are you at home?


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